pete schwartz

Art Director

pete schwartz

It has been 6 years since Pete Schwartz first embarked upon his epic journey as a Motion Graphics Designer–but his desire to tell stories by way of moving pictures was born out of an upbringing immersed in art. From charcoal, to pen and ink, to photography, and finally to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Pete has been climbing the ladder of art evolution his entire life.

Raised in New York (just outside of Manhattan), Pete made the move out West in 2006 to pursue his dream of a career in the Entertainment Industry and to ensure that he would never again see snow. After a brief stint in reality television and some time spent as a director/screenwriter, Pete fell fully in love with graphics. Branding in particular became his focus and specialty, and the challenge of telling his clients’ stories through a series of succinct and powerful imagery became his passion.

As a part of both the Production and the Social Media team at, Pete’s job and mission is to help guarantee a unified branding experience across the board–from GTMA’s in-house produced video content to each represented property’s Facebook accounts and Twitter feeds.

When he’s not in front of his computer (which is a rarity in and of itself), Pete can be found on the tennis courts, in search of a good local cup of coffee, or in a single screen movie theater somewhere watching some movie it’s doubtful you’ve ever heard of.