Pamela McKee

Accounting Specialist

Pamela McKee

Pamela started at GTMA in February 2019 as an Accounting Specialist to help make responsive and accurate financial data available to clients and team members. She has extensive experience in a variety of accounting-related roles, and is eager to grow her career as GTMA continues its own growth. She earned her Associates in Business Administration, with a focus on Computers and Technology, from Tiffin University.

A native of California, she knows several programming languages, with her favorite being Python. Her kids attend school in Vancouver, including one who was recently accepted at WSU Vancouver. She’s currently working on her next email saga, and enjoys crafting things by hand, puzzles, PC gaming, and comedy. She defines her style as “geek chic” and will probably tell you that she misses having braces should the topic ever come up.


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