Kaitlyn Slorey

Graphic Designer

Kaitlyn Slorey

Kaitlyn is a PNW native, born in Portland, OR and has lived in the Vancouver area her whole life. A Portland Trailblazers fan and dog fanatic that has two Australian Shepherds she calls her best friends.

Kaitlyn is also a graduate from WSU Vancouver’s Creative Media & Digital Culture program, focusing in multimedia design and fine arts. This is where Kaitlyn began to explore and further her passions with creative marketing, art, design, and video production (to name a few). Kaitlyn also has experience being the Marketing Director and Visual Arts Editor for an art and literary publication ran on behalf of
the WSUV community.

Outside of work, Kaitlyn is an avid-concert goer and music connoisseur. She received her first guitar in the 5 th grade and has kept with it ever since. Kaitlyn also has a new-found love for the art of printmaking, and loves how each method provides unique results and how imperfections turn into beauty.


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