Joshua Picus

Visual Production Coordinator

joshua picus

Born and raised in St. Louis, professional sports are not just a hobby, but a lifestyle for Josh Picus. Fueled by a passion for film and film production from a young age, he and his friends founded Partial Visions Films in high school and produced multiple short films together.

Josh took his talents to South Beach to pursue his producing dreams at The University of Miami. During his time at The U, Josh received the “Deans Choice Award” for End of Days, a film he produced his freshmen year. Upon graduating, Josh moved across the country to Los Angeles and took a turn at RSA and continued to add to his portfolio by producing commercials and short films on the side.  He is also enjoying the myriad of hiking and backpacking opportunities that California provides.

Josh is pumped to join the GTMA family and use his producing skills to help expand the visual production team to become a behemoth in the industry.   He also claims to be bringing some of that Miami swagger.