Jason Naumann

Chief Creative Officer

He began his career in Hawaii working as a cameraman for a non-profit organization where he shot on location in over a dozen countries throughout the world. Later, he continued working behind the camera for an ESPN fishing show. Sick of the beauty, he moved to Los Angeles in ’01, to pursue the film industry.

With a love of cheesy action films, he parodied them with his first short film, “The Wash.” Next came “Happy Wednesday,” a dark comedy starring Glenn Howerton. Between films he directed “Break-up Song” and “KFL” for the band Pseudo Rebels. Jason then went on to direct all 6 webisodes of “Jesus People” as well as his first full-length feature “Coyote County Loser,” a romantic comedy filmed in New Mexico, 2009 brought the feature film version of “Jesus People.”

Besides the films he has done, Jason has worked on countless corporate videos, music videos, short films and web series.

With his photographer wife, Angela, Jason created Naumann Studios. Together they capture couples’ stories through wedding videography and family portrait sessions. Jason wows brides with the music montages he creates of their wedding day. But if you ask Jason, he will tell you that his favorite production that he has been a part of is his son, Audric.

Jason joined forces with Joshua to form Lower Middle Class Productions that has several projects in the works. Their most recent project is a social media show called “Online Out of Line” that Jason produces and directs. Having established such a solid partnership, the duo took the obvious leap forward with GoToMyApartment.com.


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