Coburn Childs

Digital Marketing Manager | Field Strategist

With a passion for storytelling and a creative outlook on life, Coburn has long used his detailed skills and outgoing personality to engage with people and places in all his endeavors, whether from behind the computer as a blogging and social media geek or in his adventures on the road as a world traveler.

Hailing from Lil’ Rhody, Coburn now lives in Los Angeles, where every day is an adventure. He has a large variety of interests and has always had a love for applying originality and creativity to whatever he puts his hand to, from cooking to comedy. He’s a trivia master, class clown, movie junkie, full-time foodie, and avid writer. The topics he’s explored and written about range on a wide spectrum, from box office statistics to insurance to faith and family.

You can probably find Coburn off making a new friend wherever he is. He’ll probably want to meet you and learn your story, too.