Komprise is a company that provides analytics-driven data management services that help customers know, move, and control their data to save costs and extract more business value. Our web developers at GTMA helped build a comprehensive, fully integrated site for Komprise.
Analytics-Driven Data Management Software.

Services Provided
  • web design
  • social advertising
  • lead generation


This Silicon Valley startup company has a dedication to solving the challenges of unstructured, exponential data growth in enterprise businesses and organizations.

unique developer solutions.


    –  Custom build based on the Roots Sage theme

    –  Webpack

    –  Laravel Blade for templating

    –  SASS

    –  Bootstrap 4

    –  slickcarousel.js for content & image sliders

custom mega menu.

Many mega-menu implementations in WordPress are cumbersome and not intuitive. Our experienced web developers made great efforts to create a menu for the Komprise site as simple and integrated into the native WordPress workflow as possible. You can build this menu without ever leaving the standard WordPress menu screen. The menu itself is pretty common, but we have not seen an implementation this clean. (*& it keeps getting better!)

third-party integrations.

Most of the third-party integrations used by our clients are built into WordPress. In this case, there was no suitable integration with Pardot — the B2B marketing automation tool used by Komprise.


Our web team used web form hooks through a form creation tool to transform the data and post it to a Pardot URL. Previous integrations required a unique form for every action the client wanted to track, even though the fields were the same on each. We found a way to use the same form to submit to multiple form handlers and allow the client to quickly and easily customize where they wanted each submission.


In the end, we were able to present the client with a complex tool they can easily manage while avoiding the custom development process.

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