Diamanti is a Silicon Valley startup company that provides solutions for managing applications and data in the enterprise container space. Our development team at GTMA helped create a new website with features to keep users engaged.
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Services Provided
  • web design
  • social advertising
  • lead generation


Diamanti is a Silicon Valley startup company that develops solutions that address enterprise requirements for managing applications and data with container-based hybrid clouds. We helped build their website with unique features to grab users’ attention and help Diamanti stand out online.

unique developer solutions.




    –  Custom build based on the Roots Sage theme

    –  Webpack

    –  Laravel Blade for templating

    –  SASS

    –  Bootstrap 4

    –  aos.js for scroll animations

    –  featherlight.js for responsive modals

    –  slickcarousel.js for content & image sliders



scroll animations.

To generate interest and create a modern feel, we added motion to animate the content onto the page as the user scrolls. We built this animation into the theme, so there is no required interaction from the site admin or user when adding a new page or section.

sortable resources.

The Diamanti team produces several white papers, datasheets, and webinars to showcase their products and services. The challenge for the web developers at GTMA was to create a solution that would allow the user to easily find what they were looking for. Creating custom taxonomies for the media type and topic allowed us to do just that.

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