CBRS Alliance provides LTE-based technology to reshape the future of wireless technology for buildings, public spaces, and industrial IoT connections. Our web development experts helped CBRS by building a clean, comprehensive website for their national organization.

Services Provided
  • web design
  • lead generation
  • social advertising

cbrs alliance.

Our web development team helped build a website for the company CBRS Alliance — an organization that supports the development, commercialization, and adoption of LTE solutions for in-building, industrial IoT connections, and public spaces.

unique developer solutions.


    –  Custom build based on the Roots Sage theme

    –  Webpack

    –  Laravel Blade for templating

    –  SASS

    –  Bootstrap 4

    –  slickcarousel.js for content & image sliders

custom mega menu.

Many mega-menu implementations in WordPress are cumbersome and not intuitive. Our experienced web developers made great efforts to create a menu for the CBRS site as simple and integrated into the native WordPress workflow as possible. You can build this menu without ever leaving the standard WordPress menu screen. This mega-menu is the next iteration of the project we developed for Komprise, and it keeps getting better!

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