10Fold is one of California's largest independently run public relations and communications agencies. Our web developers at GTMA worked closely with their team to build a new site that tells their professional story while appropriately representing the firm.
We Build Brands Using Modern Communications.

Services Provided
  • web design
  • social advertising
  • lead generation


As a silicon valley PR company, 10Fold knows the startup scene from top-to-bottom. We worked closely with their team to develop a new site that would help spread their message and act as a model for their existing and future clients that are generally in and around the tech arena.

unique developer solutions.






    –  Custom build based on the Roots Sage theme

    –  Webpack

    –  Laravel Blade for templating

    –  SASS

    –  Bootstrap 4

    –  aos.js for scroll animations

    –  featherlight.js for responsive modals

    –  slickcarousel.js for content & image sliders



case study content block.

Using the case study block is a great way for 10Fold to show off their successful client campaigns. We built a custom post-type and a custom layout for the individual case studies. By adding each case study to a custom content block, the 10Fold team can pick a few stories to feature on any webpage where they are particularly relevant.

services content block.

There are several different ways a company can describe the services they provide on their site. While some companies’ services require just a few words and an icon to get the point across, others like 10Fold work in complex verticals and need a little more room for explanation. We built 10Fold’s custom services content block to allow ample space for each service description without making the page a mile long.

custom events plugin.

There are plenty of decent event plugins out there. Many existing plugins include calendars, payment integration, and complex logic that isn’t always necessary—especially if you just need to display events in order by date.


In the past, we have built the necessary event functionality into the custom theme. Because we have done a few of these now, we decided to take a little more time and assemble it into a custom plugin for 10Fold. One of the main reasons for building this plugin is that it will allow 10Fold to keep the plugin in place if they ever want to refresh their theme.


WordPress plugins are really helpful when it comes to getting advanced functionality inexpensively (or free). Typically, these plugins give you about 80% of what you want, and you have to settle on the last 20%. With a custom plugin, we create something that gives the exact functionality required in the spec, keeps the code clean, and works even if the client changes themes.

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