Social Advertising

GTMA is doubling down on social advertising as the future of lead generation for multifamily communities.
Social advertising is quickly becoming the most powerful player in the online advertising game, and for very good reason. With 1.09 billion people logging into Facebook daily, and 300 million on Instagram, the numbers speak for themselves. An audience this vast means that organic reach is simply dying, and to be seen and heard on social platforms you have to pay to play.
GTMA’s expertise with Facebook Exchange and audience targeting tools offers multifamily a masterfully sharp tool to target potential residents. If you know your target market, GTMA can access it on social platforms on a granular level with hyperlocal targeting, retargeting, and even targeting your competitor’s audience.


These tools don’t only apply to Facebook, with Instagram’s platform opening to advertisers within the last year we are now able to leverage these targeting tools with Instagram’s young, engaged, and growing audience. And we don’t merely work on getting you ‘seen’, we control your brand’s messaging and enhance your reputation by serving ads that tell your community’s story to an audience who wants to hear it.


You don’t have to be a marketing guru to know that most people spend an inordinate amount of time in front of their phones, and that screen time has become increasingly desirable to advertisers. GTMA's Canvas advertising helps clients achieve any objective with a fully customizable digital space on which to build multimedia stories. Canvases open from Facebook ads in NewsFeed to reveal a full-screen experience where advertisers can use a mix of video, still images, text and call-to-action buttons to build a beautiful and effective brand and product experiences on mobile.

Within a Canvas, people enjoy moving through digital stories easily. They can swipe through a carousel of images of your property, tilt to view panoramic images and zoom in to view amenities in detail, making the Canvas experience immersive and engaging in a way that mobile sites aren’t. And Canvas uses the same technology that makes photos and videos load quickly on Facebook, so it loads as much as 10 times faster than the standard mobile web. GTMA's own Canvas ad was created to show off the platform's capabilities, which resulted in a successful ad campaign and an IAC award!
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