Lead Generation

Good storytelling generates leads and traffic. Our tools include SEM, PPC, SEO, ILS partners and more.

Search engine marketing

Paid Search is a powerful way to get your listings up almost immediately and to gain prominence among search results. With Paid Search, you can address multiple objectives: immediate ROI, customer acquisition at all stages of the buying cycle, research, competitive pricing, and brand awareness.

Paid search

Due to the sheer volume of relevant searchers, Google's search engine is the first place our team will place your apartment's ads. We utilize best practices to get ads about your apartment showing for relevant hyperlocal neighborhoods, competitors, brand searches, and specialized amenities -- all of which a potential resident are likely to search.


GTMA offers an SEO strategy like no other. Our synergistic approach to search engine optimization integrates keyword targeting, content development, rich media development, social engagement, and influencer relations to boost your community’s search rankings to the top.

On-Site SEO

It all starts with ensuring your site is completely optimized and has the best foundation to grow its organic search visibility. GTMA conducts keyword research using historical Google search data and competitive analysis to determine relevant combinations of words and phrases that are the ‘keywords’ to success for your website. We create a custom Keyword Map and complete a technical audit of your website’s code in order to integrate highly searched and relevant exact-match keywords into specific pages on your website and identify any possible issues that the code may have on the site’s search engine presence.

SEO Package

Our Intermediate SEO Package also includes a highly strategic blogging component that is focused on building interesting and engaging content around your community’s immediate neighborhood as well as the surrounding neighborhoods that you want to be visible in. This helps convince Google that your community’s site is relevant to show in search results for all of these local neighborhoods and places of interest, presents opportunities to capture very specific hyperlocal long-tail searches from prospective residents, and fuels your community’s social media channels with compelling and shareable content that drives followers back to your website.

Off-Site SEO

Our foundational off-site SEO campaign involves making sure your property’s business information is consistent across the Web and is properly represented on all of the main local directory websites that Google uses to determine the authority of your community’s Google+ page. The more extensively and accurately your property is listed online, the higher its Google+ listing will rank in relevant desktop and mobile search results. Once your property’s location authority is up to speed, we’ll move into domain authority, where we boost your website’s popularity metrics by securing backlinks from relevant directories, blogs, organization, and business websites in your local market.

Advanced SEO Package

Our Advanced SEO Package is where we set your community apart from the rest of the competition in your market. This offering involves identifying and building relationships with the local bloggers and social influencers in your city on your community’s behalf. We then create custom branded video content based on hyperlocal topics that these influencers are already talking about. By hosting this content on YouTube, one of the largest search engines & video platforms, as well as partnering with these influencers to distribute this locally relevant, compelling, and shareable content, we are able to introduce your community to each of these individual audiences and drive links and social shares back to your community’s website. No other company in the multifamily industry offers this synergistic approach between media production and SEO.

Google Adwords

Adwords is the most prominent way to get your apartment immediate views from the world's most powerful search engine. Our team utilizes Google's best practices to create a campaign that utilizes hyperlocal search, display remarketing and specialized geotargeting to get the word out about your apartment.


Google's Display network allows us to push out display ads about your property to people who have previously visited the website (Remarketing) and to those in the local area who have visited relevant apartment websites. Our designers will create several sets of display ads that illustrate what your property is all about for future residents!
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