Reputation Management Theater – “Pompass” Clowns

Joshua Swanson

Some words used to describe apartments in online reviews are simply so perfect, they deserve their own Shakespearean actor to perform them for all of us to enjoy. Why are we taking the time to invest further into these unspellchecked reviews? Because the world is full of haters and our job is to fight back against those haters on behalf of our client partners with love. Yes, love. We have a true love of apartment reputation management, because there is a way to turn a negative review into a positive outcome for your apartment community. At GTMA, we embrace this challenge as it’s a part of what we do within our reputation management department. Find out more now here! Below is a quick description to chew on first.


Talk Back is our reputation management program where we engage in the dialogue happening online about your brand. Your current listings will be claimed and enhanced, new reviews will be presented to you and responded to and you’ll rest easy knowing someone is out there involved in the online chatter. When future residents search for your community, we’ll be there.

This product includes an account with our online Reputation Management Dashboard and all of the in-depth analytics we offer. Through this dashboard, we will communicate directly with Property Managers for each specific review. Clients are notified when a new review is published, the GTMA team will solicit notes and then compose responses for approval by management. Once approved, we post and circle back with reviewers once an issue has been resolved in order to request an updated review from the reviewer in hopes of an increased star rating. []

All of this passion and love for online apartment reviews can be yours simply by reaching out to our team.

Joshua Swanson

Reputation Management Theater – Smoker’s World

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