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Griselda Arbizu

Have you heard? We’ve updated our social and lead generation packages! If you already work with us (Yayy!!), you may have already jumped on a call with someone from our amazing Partnerships Team to discuss our new monthly packages and how they work. On the other hand, you could also have no idea what I’m talking about, so allow me to explain.

At this point, I’m sure you are used to packages that lock you into a single social network with a specific number of posts. If so, we are breaking the mold. We’ve always been huge advocates of combining organic social with social advertising, as this allows us to achieve the highest return on investment for our clients. The combination turns your social presence into a lead gen tool. Because of that, we’ve now packaged those two services together as Social Storytelling packages. The best part is that these new packages will include a set number of organic posts and social advertising platforms based on the tier of your specific package, but give you the flexibility to choose where those posts go!

Let’s take our Gold Social Storytelling package, as an example, which includes up to 30 organic posts + up to 3 advertising platforms. At the inception of your campaigns, your account manager, who is a trained digital marketing strategist, will provide recommendations as to which platforms those 30 posts should be spread among from the list of all the social networks that we manage. For example, we may recommend splitting up the posts by placing 15 posts on Facebook, 10 posts on Instagram, and 5 posts on Google Posts. Now let’s say you jump on one of the monthly calls with your account manager to discuss the metrics for these campaigns and they’ve noticed that Instagram posts are performing much better than Facebook posts. Well, with our new Social Storytelling packages, your account manager may recommend shifting more of those posts to Instagram, with fewer posts going to Facebook/Google Posts, and there is no need to change your agreement. This also means that if you are signed up for our Gold Package and you reach stabilization we would have the flexibility of transitioning you to a lower tier package even if you’re still within your agreement term.

This same flexibility applies to our new Lead Generation packages, which are broken down below along with our social storytelling packages.

As digital marketing strategists, our goal is to help you reach your goal in the most cost-effective, time efficient, and painless way possible. Our new storytelling and lead generation packages allow for just that. Say goodbye to requesting more money from your owners or superiors to add new networks. Gone are the days of signing a new agreement to turn on social advertising because 3-5 months into the campaign you realized you need more lead generation. With our storytelling packages, we have you covered.

To learn more, feel free to reach out to our Partnerships team for a quick call.

Social Storytelling Packages

  • Packages:
    • Platinum Social Storytelling – up to 40 organic posts + up to 4 advertising platforms
    • Gold Social Storytelling – up to 30 organic posts + up to 3 advertising platforms
    • Silver Social Storytelling – up to 20 organic posts + up to 2 advertising platforms
    • Bronze Social Storytelling – up to 10 organic posts + up to 1 advertising platform
  • Flexibility month-to-month
  • Monthly reporting & calls
  • Live dashboard + PDF reporting

Lead Gen Packages

  • Packages:
    • Platinum Lead Gen – Google Ads Search + Display, Retargeting, Yelp CPC, Geotargeting, 1 Additional ad platform, and Call Tracking
    • Gold Lead Gen – Google Ads Search & Yelp CPC
    • Silver Lead Gen – Google Ads Search
  • Flexibility month-to-month
  • Monthly reporting & calls
  • Live dashboard + PDF reporting

Griselda Arbizu Arbizu

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