GTMA Wins Video Awards at AIM Conference

Joshua Swanson

Once a year apartment markerters from all over the country converge on Huntington Beach, California for the Apartment Internet Marketing Conference. GTMA wasn’t a sponsor this year, but we were there in spirit by participating in the 2016 AIM Video Awards. An original video and a $20 donation to the Housing Industry Fund got us in the competition. As a “vendor,” even though we despise that word, GTMA was only eligble for two of the categories, but luckily JMG Realty submitted a piece that we did for their community Automatic Lofts in Chicago, which, in a sideways sort of way, qualified our agency for a third category.

Submission Categories:

  • Best Community Marketing Video – submit videos used for community marketing and leasing
  • Best Brand Marketing Video – submit videos promoting an overall company or portfolio brand
  • Best Training Video – submit any training and/or corporate culture videos
  • Best Amateur Video – submit any low budget, creative use of limited technology videos, etc.
  • Best Short Form or New Format Video – submit Vine or Instagram or other short, viral, social videos here.
  • Best Vendor Video – vendors, it’s all you
  • Funniest Video – ALL AIM Video Award submissions (including vendor videos) will be considered for a “best-in-show” grand award for funniest video. The criteria is pretty simple: make us laugh. A lot.

In all, four GTMA videos made it to the final round of the AIM Video Awards. Below you’ll find all four.

Reputation Management Theater – WINNER OF BEST VENDOR VIDEO



Some reviews are simply so well written, that they deserve their own monologue performed by a Shakespearean actor. Yes, these are REAL reviews read word-for-word by trained Shakespearean actors in our Los Angeles studio.

In Episode 1 of Reputation Management Theater we hear a story of someone “am living in this complex” and they are “really tired to heavy smokers.” It’s written like prose. Bad prose. Watch and share in this poor apartment residents journey into “Smoker’s World.”

Why would a digital agency for multifamily take the time to record a web series based on terribly written reviews? Because it’s hilarious. Also, we happen to spend a lot of time writing review responses on Yelp, Apartment Ratings, Facebook and Google Plus on behalf of the apartment communities that we represent. Reach out today and let our experienced team of Reputation Management professionals help you with all those haters.







The Automatic Lofts are in the thriving West Loop neighborhood downtown Chicago and they offer fully furnished apartments. Our team at GTMA was tasked with bringing the story of this community to life. We’re proud of what we came up with.





Defining ones self can feel so limiting sometimes. Especially for a creative agency who’s core values include ever evolving! So, in this video, we explain exactly what “GTMA” stands for.






We use this video as a tool to tell future client partners about how effective Facebook advertising can be for their apartment communities. Especially the ability to use Custom Audiences and to retarget previous website visitors. More information on this powerful social advertising technique here.

Thank you to all of the judges that helped us WIN BIG at AIM this year!

Joshua Swanson

GTMA Guide to the AIM Conference Part I: Brand Consistency

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