GTMA wins big at both AIM and the Communicator Awards!

Pete Schwartz

Since the early days of GTMA, we have been involved in reputation marketing for our client partners. Now, we’ve decided to take our relationship with Yelp to the next level by making it official. GTMA Gets Yelped, a video promoting our industry-first partnership with – you guessed it – Yelp has garnered a LOT of attention in the last few months.

The fact that we took home wins at both AIM and the Communicator Awards paints a great picture of what kind of agency GTMA is and what kind of agency we are working hard to become. GTMA has earned respect and a solid place within the multifamily industry for our unique, story-driven visual production – which is reflected by our track record at multifamily advertising conferences like AIM. But every win in the larger marketplace, in this case at the Communicator Awards, is further validation that GTMA is capable of transcending the specificity of multifamily and that we are able to speak to the industry as a whole.

GTMA wins big – this time, because of our ability to illustrate and bring life to a unique, high-concept partnership… otherwise known as storytelling. That’s the bottom line – storytelling is what we do here, it’s a part of our DNA. And we are always very thankful for awards like this – because these awards mean we get to tell more stories. Maybe one day we’ll tell yours.


Pete Schwartz

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