Facebook Investor vs Facebook User – Social Media Pro & Apartment Marketer Debates Himself

Joshua Swanson

As an apartment marketer I’m fed up with Facebook for changing the rules yet again. BUT, as a shareholder I’m thrilled that my stock has tripled! In this video blog I point out to myself how Facebook has changed for users since going public.

The shift at Facebook from the user being most important to now catering to the investor is putting Facebook at risk of losing big brands and especially small businesses like apartment communities. As a Facebook Investor how can I complain about my stock price tripling? As an avid user running two companies that manage hundreds of brand Facebook Pages, how can I not complain? Facebook encouraged brands to buy ‘likes’ and now they’re forcing brands to pay to have that same audience see their posts. Facebook has admitted that organic reach will continue to decline for brand pages and urges brands to buy ads. These changes will cause a shift in how brands use the social network and a paradigm shift in how social media is viewed. I believe this will be detrimental to the user experience, will cause brands to look for a new place to connect with fans and will cause me to look at other social networks for my clients.

Apartment Marketing on Facebook Organic Reach Decline

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I would love to hear what you think. Are you in apartment marketing or are you a social media manager too? Have you seen organic reach on your brand Facebook Pages decline since December? Have you written a blog about social media or recorded a video where you talk to yourself? OK, that last one was just me looking for more people like me. Tweet me or comment below. Also check out my apartment marketing blog and my social media predictions for 2014 video. –> by Joshua Swanson

Joshua Swanson

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